One Hearing Aid or Two is a Personal Choice Based on Results

FD was originally seen in the Gardner Audiology Inverness office following medical clearance for hearing aids… He originally presented with a hole in his eardrum; therefore, referred on for medical treatment. Once medically cleared for hearing aids, FD and his wife returned for a consultation. He was hesitant about trying hearing aids, but agreed that he was not hearing as well as he could. He initially only wanted to trial one hearing aid, but I convinced him to at least trial one in each ear for a couple of weeks. He has hearing loss in both ears; however it is much worse in the left ear than the right ear.

He was fit the following week with Starkey 3 Series i20 Receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids. At his first appointment, he asked if he could wear only the left for the next two weeks. We turned up the left hearing aid to accommodate. While his wife noted significant improvements; he was yet to be convinced. FD went two weeks with just the left hearing aid. Minor adjustments were made both weeks to correct for excessive noises. Through his wife’s pleading he agreed to wear both for his final week of trial. Again, he did not feel he received significant improvements with the two hearing aids (though he wife disagreed) and opted to keep just the one.

Audiologist will generally recommend two hearing aids versus one for many reasons; to include: better hearing in noise, localization and better sound quality. The ultimate decision-maker concerning two versus one hearing aid is the person who will wear them. It is important that the person with the hearing loss be given the chance to experience binaural hearing aid amplification before a decision on one or two hearing aids is made.

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