Hearing Aid Moisture Removal in Spring Hill, Florida

The Spring Hill office of Gardner Audiology can dry your hearing aids out! We recently purchased a super powered evaporation system to remove moisture from hearing aids. Moisture in hearing aids can cause failure or weakness to the sound quality. Hearing aids have diaphragms that vibrate to transmit sound and when those diaphragms get clogged with moisture, sound cannot move efficiently. Here in Florida, we are surrounded by moisture, through humidity, perspiration, rain, pools, etc.   

98% of hearing aids contain harmful moisture. The Redux Pro Drying system can remove and improve sound quality in up to 84% of the hearing aids run in the system. This system has even restored sound to a hearing aid that was not functioning at all when brough into the office. For a hearing aid that is not under repair warranty, this is a huge cost savings. The Redux will even tell us how much moisture was removed from the hearing aids!  

Call today, to schedule an appointment to have your hearing aids serviced to ensure optimal performance. 352-556-5395 

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