Hearing aid in one ear from Gardner thrills and balanced her!

I evaluated WD in the Inverness office following referral from her physician. She presented with hearing loss in her left ear only. She reported struggling in meetings and restaurants and was hoping that a hearing aid might help. I offered to let her participate in our research study of Starkey Series 3 technology. She decided to join the study and evaluation the Starkey Series 3 i70 receiver in the canal hearing aids.

WD’s initial reaction at my fitting was “wow!”. She had not heard well in that ear for some time and was amazed. At her first follow-up she stated she was very happy. She was able to hear in her meetings and fully participate. She also told me that she was hearing much better in restaurants.

At her final follow-up, WD stated she was happy with my adjustments and these aids sounded so natural that she forgot she had them in her ear.

She purchased her field study aids and was thrilled to feel “balanced again”.

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