He was happy he lost his old hearing aid because Gardner Audiology in Zephyrhills showed him how much better new technology is.

PM has been coming to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology for many years. He had been wearing a set of 3+ year old mini behind the ear hearing aids and lost one. He came in ready to trial new technology. After discussing options, he decided to trial a set of Starkey Wi110 receiver in the canal hearing aids, because understanding television had been an issue for him and he was interested in the wireless capabilities of the aids. This aid has an accessory that will transmit dialog from television programs directly to his hearing aids.

After fitting the new aids, PM expressed delight with the size and fit of the instruments. Even though they were not that much smaller than his previous aids, the design fit his ears better and were more comfortable. When he returned for his follow up he stated he was hearing the TV so much better he did not need to try the streamer at this time. He was pleased with how much better the fidelity of the hearing aids we made few adjustments.

After three weeks, PM returned to purchase the hearing aids. He was very pleased with the sound quality and the fit of the new hearing aids. For once he was happy that he lost his old hearing aid as it pushed him to come in and try the new ones!

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