Groups and family gatherings after my Cochlear Implant

The Hearing Loss Association of America Florida recently posted an article by Debbe Hagner, a Cochlear Implant Recipient. In the article she describes her life and personal experience since she has received her Cochlear Implant. Below is an excerpt from this article.

“Before I had a cochlear implant, I didn’t care for groups, as it is exhausting to lip-read everyone while trying to follow the conversation. There were times I would stop and say “what,” or I would pretend I understood. After the CI there were a few times I didn’t catch it as I guess my brain was tired. My sister would say “Pay attention.” I would try harder. It is new to them as well as me. But I know I am not as tired as I used to be.”

To read more from this HLAA-FL article click here.

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