Glad She Made the Decision to Try Hearing Aids

DB was seen in the Crystal River office as part of our Open House. She has noticed that she is not hearing as well as she used to. Her examination revealed a moderate high frequency hearing loss and after consultation decided to try the Starkey X70 Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) hearing aids. She was fit one week later.

Following the fit, DB immediately noted she was hearing much better and was so glad she made the decision to try hearing aids. Her husband accompanied her to this appointment, and while he is a current hearing aid user, he did not feel his wife was having enough difficulty to warrant the expense of hearing aids at this time. She felt differently.

At her next two follow-up appointments, she reported doing very well, especially in the car, which she had reported significant difficulties. She decided to purchase at this point. She stated she was so glad she chose to proceed with hearing aids, they are a pleasure.

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