Gardner Loans Hearing Aids To A Skeptical New Patient

PT recently moved to Citrus County, Florida, from the north and was looking to establish himself with an audiologist in Inverness. His wife, who scheduled the appointment, told us he was wearing five year old hearing aids and that he may be interested in instruments. PT came into the Gardner Audiology Inverness office for a comprehensive hearing evaluation and to discuss new hearing aids. He was skeptical that new aids would help him more than his current ones. . He admitted he had difficulty in noise and watching TV with his wife (who also wears hearing aids).

Once the hearing test was completed I discussed with PT the hearing aids in our current research field study. He opted to participate so I loaned him as set of Starkey X110 Receiver-in-the-Canal hearing aids in exchange for his opinion on a post fitting questionnaire. He was sent home after commenting that he noted immediately an improvement in the sound quality of these new aids compared to his old aids. The next two weeks PT came in with minor complaints which were at addressed.

PT told me today that he is hearing so much better; now hearing birds, TV and he is even wearing them when he golfs (which he has never done before) . He can tell by the sound of the club hitting the ball if it was a solid stroke. (Hears hoping it improves his game!) PT also stated he truly enjoyed our research study because it enabled him to experience new hearing aids without committing to a purchase. The thorough follow-ups involved are something he did not have before and has found them to be extremely beneficial.

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