Gardner kicks off a new study in Tampa Bay of a breakthrough hearing aid

Most brands of hearing aids sound good in quiet environments however, consumers are often dissatisfied with how they perform in noisy environments. Starkey, America’s largest manufacturer of hearing aids, applied their evidence based design concepts to invent the Series 3 hearing aid technology. It relieves the strain of listening in a crowd and maintains speech understanding in noise. Other benefits of the Series 3 include a water tight design and no feedback (squealing and whistling).

Gardner Audiology is seeking study participants to evaluate this hearing aid invention. Study aids are available to both new and experienced hearing aid users.

In exchange for their opinion, participants of this study will receive free services and loaner aids for 30 days. They will also have the option to purchase their study instruments for discounted prices starting at $690.

Gardner’s initial trail fittings showed exceptionally good results with experienced hearing aid users.

Free candidate screenings are available at all Gardner locations. Call 1-800-277-1182.

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