Gardner Hearing Aid Reviews Updated for 2017

Gardner Audiology has updated their reviews of some of the most popular hearing aid brands for the brand new year. Click the links below to read the updated 2017 reviews by our Audiologists.

Updated Reviews for 2017

Unitron was founded in 1964 and has its international headquarters in Ontario, Canada. Unitron is part of the Sonova Group, which includes Phonak, Advanced Bionics and Hansaton, placing it in the top six worldwide companies for hearing aid sales and production. Unitron is one of the fastest growing hearing aid companies in the world…

Click here for our full 2017 Unitron Hearing Aid Review

Phonak is a Swiss company specializing in hearing aids and wireless technology. They are one of the six largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. The company traces its roots back to 1947. In 1995, Phonak launched AudioZoom, pioneering the multi-microphone technology.

Click here for our full 2017 Phonak Hearing Aid Review

Headquartered in Denmark, ReSound is part of the GN ReSound Group, one of the world’s largest providers of hearing instruments and diagnostic audiological instrumentation. The company dates back to 1943, with the ReSound Corporation being founded in 1984.

Click here for our full 2017 Resound Hearing Aid Review

Oticon, Inc, one of the top ten worldwide companies in hearing aid sales and production, was founded in 1904 in Denmark by Hans Demant who was hoping to find help for his wife’s hearing loss. The company is still guided by Mr. Demant’s vision through the Oticon Hearing Foundation.

Click here for our full 2017 Oticon Hearing Aid Review

In 1956, Harold Spar and Henry Meltser, founders of Hal-Hen, a hearing aid accessories company, teamed up with two Danish families to form Widex, USA. Widex hearing aids are sold in over 100 countries and are headquartered in Denmark. Widex introduced the first digitally programmable hearing aid in 1988.

Click here for our full 2017 Widex Hearing Aid Review

Starkey is one of the top six companies in worldwide hearing aid production and sales. This innovative company was founded in 1967 by William Austin who is well known for his efforts to help the world hear with free hearing clinics through the efforts of the nonprofit Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Click here for our full 2017 Starkey Hearing Aid Review

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