Gardner Audiology in Zephyrhills Solves Long Distance Hearing Aid Problem

C. A. is a relative of a medical doctor that I work with. She came for a visit from the west coast and wanted to have her hearing tested and be fitted with hearing aids. She knew the limitations of being fitted and then leaving to go back home in just a few days. She wanted me to fit the hearing aids because she felt comfortable knowing I had worked with her brother for so many years. I explained that she would need to become established with an audiologist back home for service and future adjustments.

I tested her hearing and recommended hearing aids. She agreed with the recommendations and was fitted immediately. She was pleased with the sound of the aids and how she was hearing in the office. She purchased the aids and left two days later. I located an audiologist near her in California in case she needed assistance back home.

I received a phone call about a week and a half later from C. A. with questions about the wax filter in the receiver of the hearing aids. She stated she could not see the filter and she was concerned it could be in her ear canal. I tried to determine by questioning if she was looking in the proper location for the wax trap, but she could not visualize what I was describing.

I asked C. A. to go on her computer and visit our website. I directed her to a video we posted about cleaning your hearing aid. She watched the video and realized she was not looking in the right place. She was very relieved and was happy to have the video to walk her through cleaning her hearing aids!

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