Gardner Audiology in Zephyrhills Reworks Hand Me Down Hearing Aids.

BC came in to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology hoping that I could help her hear better. He husband had been fitted with a behind the ear hearing aid by me in 2012. He passed away, and she wondered if his hearing aid could be fitted on her.

After screening her hearing aid, I informed BC that I could, indeed, fit the hearing aid on her. I was able to fit it by changing to a tube and ear tip that fit her ear. I then programmed the aid to her hearing loss, instructed her on use. She was already familiar with caring for the aid, as she had done so for her husband.

BC returned to my office a week later thrilled with how much clearer conversation has been. She is understanding television at a level comfortable for her visiting son. She is only sorry she waited before coming in to see me!

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