Gardner Audiology Ten Tampa Bay locations Repairs Starkey and Audibel Hearing Aids.

Does your Starkey or Audibel Hearing aid need repair?  Starkey hearing aids and Starkey built Audibel hearing aids use the same component parts. Gardner Audiology in Tampa Bay stocks the most common parts that fail due to wear and tear.  

There are many reasons why your Starkey or Audibel hearing aid may not be working properly.  Even though some models are waterproofed up to 1 meter, it is possible to push the hearing aid beyond that limit especially with Florida’s humid climate and with user perspiration. Other common reasons for failure are broken speaker wires, failed microphones, damage and blockage from ear wax, faulty batteries and the list goes on.   

When the above failures occur, Gardner Audiology can help! Because they stock most parts, they can often fix the issue in the office. They even have a Redux hearing device dryer that is an evaporation system leaving hearing instruments sounding their best through complete and verified moisture removal.  They can even show you how much moisture was removed!  

Gardner Audiology doctors have a Starkey business account so they can help you get both in warranty and out of warranty repairs from Starkey, if the aids need to be sent out.  

If you live in the Tampa Bay area call Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 to arrange for service and repair of your Starkey or Audibel hearing aids. Visit Gardner Audiology and see an Audiology Doctor, not a Salesman! 

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