Gardner Audiology Team Approach for the Best Hearing in Tampa Bay.

Choosing the best hearing health care provider these days can be daunting.  Everywhere we look, newspapers, online, magazines and pharmacies you will see advertisements for hearing aids.  Here in Inverness, we know you have several options; however, all are not created equally.   

Gardner Audiology employs doctors of Audiology and carefully selected and trained Hearing Instrument Specialists (HIS) and Audiology Assistants.  We believe in a team approach to your care (similar to any specialist provider).  All of us here, regardless of the title, have one goal: treating the whole person by taking into consideration your hearing loss, your lifestyle, budget and hearing needs every step of the way.  

Typically seen in all communities are two different models: the corporate model and the patient centered doctor of Audiology model.  Corporate models typically employ Hearing Instrument Specialists and are focused on selling as many hearing aids as possible which can lead to missing a necessary referral to a medical provider. Sales driven. Here at Gardner Audiology our doctors and HIS providers ensure your hearing health first and we will not try to convince you to purchase an inappropriate hearing aid. Satisfaction driven. 

You may wonder what the difference in training is: A doctor of Audiology is trained in all aspects of evaluation, diagnosis and rehabilitation (which includes hearing aids) over the course of four years (post Bachelor’s degree). A Hearing Instrument Specialist receives six months of hands-on, supervised training (post HS diploma and 3-6 months of coursework) with a primary focus on hearing aids. As mentioned earlier, Gardner Audiology employs both types of providers who work hand in hand to ensure satisfaction and quality patient care and service. 

As a specialist provider, our team approach ensures you see the correct provider for the need at hand. All medical evaluations are handled by our doctor of Audiology. When your goal is to get a hearing aid or a new set of hearing aids you may see our doctor of Audiology or our Hearing Instrument Specialist.  Both providers are well versed in testing and hearing aid selections, working with all major brands and with most insurances.  Our Audiology Assistants can tackle your hearing aid related questions (including Bluetooth), complete minor repairs and will complete your annual screenings and hearing aid service visits.  You will see every member of our team throughout your journey. 

Choose your hearing care provider wisely. Seek a patient-centered, evidence-based practice, staffed by a doctor and their team. There is more to your success than turning your hearing aids on. Counseling and follow up care can make or break your hearing journey.  

Contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182, or visit our website at to schedule an appointment in Inverness or one of our other 9 locations in the Tampa Bay area.  

See an Audiology Doctor not a salesman. 

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