Gardner Audiology Supports Tampa’s Judeo Christian Health Clinic

The Judeo Christian Health Clinic in Tampa provides “free, quality, timely and compassionate health care to medically indigent residents of the Tampa Bay area who have no other resources for their health care needs.” The clinic has been a part of the community since 1972. Their goal is to provide medical services for those who are uninsured, but who cannot afford medical care. They consider these patients “the working poor.”

To qualify, patients must be employed, but make too much income to qualify for government funded programs such as the Hillsborough County Healthcare Program, Medicaid, or Medicare. Most of the clinic’s patients have household incomes that fall between 100% and 200% of the federal poverty level and they generally just cannot afford private health insurance. In the last year, the clinic provided both quality healthcare services and hope to just under 40,000 patients.

Hearing Aid winner Robert Nelson

All services are provided by doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners and lay personnel who volunteer their own time and resources after leaving their regular jobs. Services provided include a variety of medical specialties, no-cost pharmaceuticals, eye clinic, and dental clinic; among others. While under the care of the clinic, patients do not have to pay anything for services or medications rendered and can, instead, focus solely on their health and healing.

The Judeo Christian Health Clinic receives no government funding and, instead, relies solely on the gifts of those who volunteer their time or money. Recently Gardner Audiology staff had the honor of attending the Judeo Christian Health Clinic’s annual testimonial dinner and fundraiser. This is one of their main fund-raising endeavors for the year which includes patient testimonies, recognition of the Humanitarian Award recipient, and a silent auction where attendees can bid on items donated from throughout the community. Gardner Audiology was pleased to donate a set of Starkey Muse iQ i2000 hearing aids for the auction. These were bid on and won by Robert Nelson of Tampa. We are so pleased he could help us in our efforts to support such a worthy cause!

If would like more information about the Judeo Christian Health Clinic, please visit their website
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