Gardner Audiology Review: “I not only have acceptable hearing, it is definitely at a level above just acceptable!”

“I had suffered for well over a year with a hearing loss, that even though I had been fitted with Phonak Hearing Aids, If the environment was not near ideal, it was necessary for me to be very near to anyone in order to comprehend a conversational interchange. Viewing and understanding the dialog of any TV program was nearly impossible, and any conversational attempt in even a moderately noisy environment was an impossibility. My Audiology provider over this period of time was nearly impossible to get an appointment with, and was generally ineffective in improving my situation on the couple of times I was able to get in for an “adjustment”.

About 10 days ago, my hearing issues improved dramatically. I received a mailing piece from Gardner Audiology, and out of pure desperation, I called them to see if there was anything they might be able to do. I was given an appointment in less than 48 hours, and was seen by Dr. Lauren Benoit who was able to pull up my hearing profile from my Phonak Hearing Aids, and then spent the better part of an hour tweaking and adjusting, using various sound levels along with a monitoring probe in order to see exactly how the hearing aides were responding to various levels of speech. The end result; I not only have acceptable hearing, it is definitely at a level above just acceptable!! I can now understand and enjoy TV programs, conversation no longer needs to be at a very close proximity, and I have every reason to believe that noisy environments will now have acceptable levels of comprehension.”

– John Clarke

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