Gardner Audiology Research Measures Improved Consumer Satisfaction with Hearing Aid Value

Dear Patients

Thank you for sharing your hearing stories and participating in our research.
Over 3000 of you have graciously shared your opinions about new hearing aid models in our consumer research studies. Your important feedback has enabled us to identify the best hearing aid values. Here are the preferences for those of you who joined our most recent study.

  1. Almost 100% percent of you perceived and received better hearing with new hearing aids. We proved that with aided hearing test results and your opinion surveys.
  2. 86% of you saw enough hearing improvement to justify the cost of buying hearing aids
  3. 27% of you wanted and were satisfied with hearing aids that cost about $1,000 or less.
  4. 59% of you wanted and were satisfied with the best hearing aids on the market.
  5. 14% of you were not ready to embrace new hearing aids in spite of improved hearing.

We can predict that new hearing aid technology will be more affordable and effective. However, you have shown us that your individual lifestyle and preferences will determine if you find value in this improvement. Our passion is to help you answer that question.

Share Your Story

I invite you to visit our new website at and read the stories that our research participants shared about their journey to better hearing. Contact me on this site if you have a hearing story that you want to share. Let me know if you like our new website and tell me how it could be better for you.

P.S. We will be testing an improved rechargeable hearing aid battery this year.

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