Gardner Audiology research enabled him sample better hearing aids

CA has been coming to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology for several years. He has been wearing a set of 4+ year old receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing aids. He recently came in responding to our invitation to participate in the new Starkey Hearing in Noise Field Study we are conducting. When I went to the waiting room to call him back I noticed he was having difficulty understanding his wife.

CA agreed to participate and trial a set of Starkey 3 Series i70 RIC hearing aids. I recommended these for better noise management and improved directional microphones, compared to his current hearing aids. He was fitted and sent for a thirty day comparison. When he left he told his wife he would try them, but he was not spending money on new hearing aids.

The next week they returned all smiles. He was understanding his wife again, although they were a little loud. We adjusted and sent him on his way. One week later he came in so excited to have been in some noisy environments and hearing very well. He purchased the hearing aids and was so grateful for the opportunity the field study offered him. He would not likely have tried new hearing aids any other way!

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