Gardner Audiology Research Eliminates Barriers and Validates the Outcome of Hearing Aid Benefits

I am often asked why Gardner Audiology conducts field studies of new hearing aid technology. Our Tampa Bay patients also want to know what is done with the information we collect. There are many reasons for our studies, none of the reasons more important than another.

Gardner Audiology is first and foremost an evidence-based practice. The choices we make, the products we choose, and the methods we use to fit hearing aids are all based on research we have conducted with thousands of patients. We verify benefits of new technology by having patients compare hearing in different listening situations both pre and post fitting of new hearing aids.

Gathering this information allows us to see where the hearing aid manufacturer is succeeding in technology and where further improvement is needed. We share this information with the manufacturer. Sometimes it results are a pat on the back for them and sometimes it results in “we really could use more help here!” Either way, most companies appreciates the feedback.

Lastly, the studies help eliminate barriers preventing trial use of hearing aids. By participating in a study, in exchange for an opinion, a person can wear a set of hearing aids out in their life to see how they will hear and manage using hearing aids. There is no obligation to purchase the aids, just return weekly for follow up and then at the end of the 30 day trial return the aids or purchase.

At Gardner Audiology, we are dedicated to improving lives with the best possible hearing through compassion, innovation, and expertise in all aspects of hearing healthcare.

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