Gardner Audiology Repairs All Resound Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay

Gardner Audiology’s with 10 locations in Tampa Bay, Florida repairs Resound hearing aids. If you need help with your Resound hearing aids, no matter what the age of them might be, give us a call!

There are so many ways Resound hearing aids fail when they get wet in Florida: sweat, rain, pool, shower, humidity, just to name a few. Gardner Audiology can often revive a dead hearing aid with their industrial strength Redux hearing device dryer. It is an evaporation system leaving hearing instruments sounding their best through complete and verified moisture removal. Gardner Audiology doctors can even show you how much moisture was removed!

Gardner Audiology locations stock many Resound replacement parts, ready to repair your hearing aids onsite at one of their 10 locations.! One of the most common causes of hearing aid failure is wax from your ears. Sometimes just replacing a wax filter will fix a weak or dead hearing aid. The filters in today’s hearing aids are small and can be difficult to see. If that filter plugs up with wax from, the hearing aid will sound weak or stop working completely. If wax got through the filter, the Gardner repair lab might need to use suction to clean out the speaker, or sometimes even replace the speaker. Fortunately, that can also be done in the office.

Did you know that an ear full of wax can make your hearing aid whistle? Before Gardner Audiology doctors repair your Resound aids they will look in your ears to assess the situation.

If you need help with your Resound hearing aids, call Gardner Audiology today at 800-277-1182 to schedule an appointment at one of our 10 locations in Marion, Citrus, Pasco, Hernando, Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. See and Audiology Doctor, not a salesman.

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