Gardner Audiology Patient Zephyrhills Upgrades Hearing Aids and Her Life

BC has been a patient at Gardner Audiology’s Zephyrhills location for several years. She has been wearing a set of mid-level receiver in the canal hearing aids for a little more than three years. She is very active and travels extensively in her retirement.

One month ago, BC came in to the office to inquire about the current field study of new hearing Aid technology that we have ongoing. She stated that she has been having more difficulty understanding, especially in noisy settings, in recent months. She wondered if new hearing aids would help.

I fit a set of Starkey Wi110 RIC hearing aids and she returned one week later telling me that she understood better and felt she was hearing much more of the conversation. She is very pleased to be able to trial new hearing aids and looks forward to better hearing on her upcoming Mediterranean cruise with her family!

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