Gardner Audiology and Mother’s update on bone anchored hearing aid surgery for preschooler

It finally happened! My son had surgery for his bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA). Surgery was Monday, June 9, 2014 and went well.

We decided on a two stage surgery due to N.S.’s high activity level. What this means is that the screws (primary and sleeper) were placed in the bone behind both ears, but the abutment (the part the processor/hearing aid attaches to) was not placed. This means another surgery down the line, but if it means greater chance of healing without complications, we’ll take it!
N.S. recovered well and was back to his active ways the evening of his surgery. His post-op was one week later and the surgeon said everything looked great and that the next surgery could be scheduled three months out. We are currently scheduled for Monday September 29, 2014. At this surgery the abutment will be placed.

We also saw Audiology this same day. Due to the reschedule from March to June and a switch in Audiologist his processors were not ordered, but they had a loaner for him to use. Until he has the second surgery he still has to wear a band to hold the amplifying processor/s. He was fit with one on the right side. It was so nice to not have to yell so he could hear us.

We head back on Friday June 27, 2014 so we can return the loaner aid and be fit with his two new devices. With his new processors he will have access to Bluetooth via the Oticon Medical streamer allowing him to talk on the phone more easily. He will also be able to connect to computers (via a cord), gaming devices and iPod type devices down the line. Most importantly though, as he is starting Kindergarten this year, the streamer can be used as part of an FM system for school allowing him to hear his teacher and speech/language therapist easier and clearer with the ultimate hope of his speech improving.

So, as I have said before, the story continues and I will keep you posted.

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