Gardner Audiology in Inverness, Florida helps his hearing become more sensitive to sounds.

J.B. was referred to Gardner Audiology Inverness office by a friend. He was interested in upgrading his present hearing aids with newer Technology.

Following consultation, I fit him with Starkey X110 hearing aids for a 30 day trial. These newer Starkey hearing aid models would enable him to hear soft speech without being overwhelmed by loud speech in noisy places such as a restaurant. At his first follow up he reported being very happy. He felt these hearing aids were “more sensitive” than his older aids, but was not distracted by the new heard sounds and was enjoying them. His only complaint was hearing certain voices on the television were distorted. I made a slight adjustment to resolve this problem. His wife was extremely happy how he heard with these new Starkey hearing aids.

At J.B’s final follow-up he stated enthusiastically, he would purchase. He asked that I add a second memory for when he takes his wife to the salon, but otherwise he loved his new “sensitive” hearing aids.

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