Gardner Audiology in Inverness Florida discovers Insurance coverage for her new hearing aids.

AM was seen in the Inverness office as part of a hearing aid field study.

She has long standing hearing loss due to perforations in both eardrums. Hearing in the left ear is much worse than the right ear. She came to us ready to try new hearing aids as she did not feel she was hearing well with her current hearing aids. We discovered she had new hearing aid benefits through her insurance. Finances were a concern, so AM decided to try the Starkey Ignite 20 Receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids so her co pay would be a minimal out of pocket expenses. She was fit one week later.

At both follow-ups AM stated it was the best she had heard in years. She requested no adjustments to the hearing aids at either appointment. She paid her out of pocket expenses and scheduled her two month follow-up after only two weeks. She was extremely grateful that she found our office and has been very pleased with the services and products we offer.

A note to remember: we are a provider for most insurance companies. We will always verify hearing aid benefits.

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