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MH came to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology today for a hearing consult. She has 9 year old hearing aids that she has never worn consistently. Her right hearing aid is not working. She has family history of hearing loss. MH’s mother had a very significant hearing loss that greatly impacted her communication ability, even though she used hearing aids regularly.

I inquired what brought her to the office today. She replied that her hearing loss is now impacting her ability to interact socially. She is struggling to communicate with her friends, and they are getting frustrated with her not addressing the problem. Her most impactful comment to me was, “I am exhausted.”

Having a significant hearing loss requires a tremendous amount of effort to follow conversation. Days are spent intently focused, while trying to guess to fill in the gaps. Responses are measured, so as not to answer inappropriately. No one enjoys feeling the fool for saying something totally off base. Eventually, it becomes easier to just stay home and the person becomes more isolated. Social isolation often leads to depression.

Fortunately, MH recognized the symptoms, because she had been through this journey with her mother. She is determined to get back on track and be part of the conversation once again. This type of motivation will help her be successful. She now understands and is committed to using hearing aids every day. She is participating in our Field Study to trial Starkey Muse i2000 receiver in the canal hearing aids and is excited to begin her trial!

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