Gardner Audiology Event at Heritage Presbyterian, Largo, May 2019

At Gardner Audiology, our audiologists love to take the time to go out into the community and provide information and education regarding your hearing health and hearing aids.  This week, we were given the opportunity to speak to residents of Heritage Presbyterian in Largo, FL and answer any questions they might have!  We received some great questions and wanted to share with those who weren’t at our event! 

Myths about hearing: 

  • Health insurance doesn’t cover hearing aids. 
  • My hearing isn’t that bad. I don’t need a hearing aid.  
  • All hearing aid providers are the same. 

One of the main comments I received was the health insurance doesn’t cover hearing aids.  Although this can still be true, we are finding more and more health insurances that are providing hearing aid benefits or discount programs to their members.  One of the first things we do for our patients when scheduling an appointment is check to see if you have hearing aid benefits.  This way you have the complete picture at your appointment! 

Another common report is ‘my hearing isn’t that bad’ or ‘I only need a hearing aid for the television.’  The average person waits 7 years before taking action regarding their hearing.  Even if you are only starting to notice difficulty in certain environments, that is a sign it is time to have your hearing tested!  You might be pleasantly surprised and learn you don’t need hearing aids and your audiologist can give you education and recommendations on how to help you where you are having difficulty.   

Last, and most importantly, the myth that ‘all hearing aid providers are the same.’  Just like anything else in life, there are providers interested in your well-being, and providers interested in ‘making a sale.’  Our Doctors of Audiology have extensive schooling to provide diagnostic testing and valid recommendations based on our assessment of your hearing.  Bottom line is to make sure you are comfortable with your provider, and if not, find someone else! 

Thank you, Heritage Presbyterian, for having us.  We hope to visit you in the future! To schedule your free consultation with a Doctor of Audiology, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email today! 

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