What is a Gardner Audiology Doctoral Extern ?

So, you have finally decided to take the plunge and visit an audiologist for your hearing needs. As you wait for the doctor, you are greeted by an audiology doctoral extern. This may present a variety of questions. Who is an audiology doctoral extern? Are they a doctor? Do they have the capabilities to take care of my hearing needs? The answer is, yes.

As of 2007, in order to become a licensed audiologist, an individual must obtain a doctoral degree in audiology from an accredited university. This is only completed after an aspiring audiologist has previously obtained a 4-year undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Once admitted into an audiology doctoral program, the individual is typically submersed into a rigorous academic schedule consisting of courses of anatomy of the ear, psychoacoustics, vestibular audiology, electrophysiology, etc. Additionally, the student completes rotations at various clinical sites which can range from private practices, veteran affairs hospitals, school settings, pediatric hospitals, etc. At various points throughout their time as an audiology graduate student, he/she will have to pass numerous benchmark exams to ensure their position within the program. These benchmarks not only ensure the student is progressively academically but clinically as well.

Once the individual has passed all of these requirements, they are presented the opportunity to apply for an externship within the United States. During an externship, the student will attend clinic every day and participate in the same duties as an audiologist with their supervision for a period of twelve months. An externship can be considered analogous to a residency as the student is typically required to pass licensure boards, academic skills, and classes before the beginning of their externship.

Do you have more questions about audiology doctoral externs and how they will address your hearing needs? Contact us at gardneraudiology.com or at 1-800-277-1182.

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