Gardner Audiology Balance Testing (VNG) services in Tampa, Florida

Studies show up to 40% of Americans in Tampa Bay will experience dizziness or balance issues at some point throughout their lifetime. While dizziness can have many causes including medication, blood pressure and other medical conditions, issues with the ears are a common cause as our balance system, or Vestibular system, is located in the inner ear.

Typically, the first step in getting to the bottom of dizziness or balance problems is a consultation with your primary care physician or an ear, nose and throat physician (ENT). They may refer you for a test of your balance system called a VNG or Videonystagmography at our Citrus Park office in Tampa, Florida with a Doctor of Audiology. Audiologists are highly trained specialists in the evaluation of balance issues.

During a VNG at Gardner Audiology, a Doctor of Audiology will perform a few different tests. The first test involves standing in various positions with your eyes open and closed. The Audiologist will support you throughout the test to avoid falls. For the rest of the test you will wear a set of goggles, which track your eye movements. You will then be asked to follow lights with your eyes and lie in various positions. Eye movement is analyzed due to its direct relationship with the balance system. You may feel dizzy throughout the test, but this dizziness usually goes away quickly.

The Doctor of Audiology will analyze the results and send a report to your physician who will review any recommendations or treatment options.

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