Gardner Audiology Assistants Improve the Lives of Those with Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay

Ever since I was a child, I have been satisfied by helping those around me regardless of how minuscule the task might be. Now as an adult, I have seen the impact of how helping others truly makes a difference in people’s lives. Typically, when we think about helping others, we often think about saving lives but that is not the case in audiology. When it comes to my job, I am helping people hear the world again and be a support system for them. As a Gardner Audiology Assistant I help people hear better every workday.

One of the ways I help patients every day is by checking and servicing their hearing aids and making sure they are working efficiently. Our patients rely on their hearing aids for everyday tasks, and it can be difficult to go about their daily routines without their hearing aids. Think about all the times we must hear in our day-to-day lives, whether over the phone, on the road, or even in conversations with our families. Imagine not being able to use this sense and how difficult that would be to interact with others.

This is something patients with hearing loss must endure when something goes wrong with their hearing aids. Hearing aids need maintenance and in office servicing to function properly. Often, they slowly sound weaker as moisture, dirt and earwax corrupt the microphone, speaker, battery contacts and switches. I can often replace parts and fix these problems in the office instead of sending the aids back to the manufacturer. We recommend that our patients have their hearing aids serviced every 6 months or sooner if they are exposed to excessive moisture and ear wax.

As a licensed Audiology Assistant with Gardner Audiology, I get to make an impact every day by improving the quality of our patients’ lives with the best possible hearing. Call 1-800-277-1182 to schedule a hearing aid service visit or in office repair at one of Gardner Audiology’s 10 locations in Tampa Bay.

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