Free Tampa Bay Hearing Aid Fittings in 2024 

Whether you are an experienced hearing aid user or soon to be a new user, there are so many questions. If you wear hearing aids, is there a value in upgrading to new technology? If you are a first-time shopper, will hearing aids be worth the expense? 

The best way to answer the above questions is to take a pair of prescription fitted hearing aids home to try them out in the real world. 

Free hearing aid trials are a common advertising ploy in the Tampa Bay area. However, many of those advertisers require up-front payment with the promise of a refund if you return the hearing aids. Many consumers have found that it is easier to pay for hearing aids than it is to get a refund. 

There is a better way to trial hearing aids in Tampa Bay. Did you know that major hearing aid manufacturers put great value on your opinion about their products. That’s right, in Tampa Bay you can earn a free prescription hearing aid fitting by simply sharing your experience on a short post fitting questionnaire.  

The Gardner Audiology Doctors in Tampa Bay have been participating in hearing aid field studies for several decades. Major manufacturers have partnered with them to collect consumer satisfaction data. Here’s how it works. Gardner Doctors screen your hearing. If you are a hearing aid candidate, they will create an individual prescription and fit the hearing aid model of your choice. The hearing aids are loaned to you for field study in real world situations. There is no charge for these services or to try the aids. Participants fill out a post fitting survey when they return the aids. If they decide to purchase their loaner aids there is a deep discount. 

In 2024 the Gardner field study is loaning out both Starkey Genesis and Phonak Lumity RIC model hearing aids for consumer field study. These brands are the most popular in the US. 

If you are curious about the newest hearing aid technology call Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182. Request a free candidate screening for the 2024 field study at one of their 10 locations in Tampa Bay. 

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