Free Starkey Livio hearing aid trials in Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater, Florida

Are you interested in Starkey Hearing Aids? Did you know Starkey has a new product called the Livio? Our current patients are loving this product.

You can try this product at no cost for 2 weeks through our Field Study program. Check out our Field Study blog for more information:

New Features include:

  • Assistance in challenging listening environments – more noise control!
  • Bluetooth capabilities – which means personal control for you!
  • Rechargeability option
  • Automatic program changes
  • Improved feedback cancellation- no more whistling!
  • Tinnitus therapy

Starkey Repairs
Has your current Starkey hearing aid stopped working? You may just need a tune-up or deep cleaning. Gardner Audiology stocks many of the essential components to Starkey hearing aids to repair your hearing aid in-house. And if we can’t fix it, we are happy to help get it sent out to the manufacturer for repair.

We are Starkey pros!

To make an appointment with a Doctor of Audiology call us at 1-800-277-1182 or email us at

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