Free Loan of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay

Gardner Audiology is seeking participants for a hearing aid comparison study of the newest hearing technology. In exchange for their opinion, participants will receive all Doctor services free of charge including exams, hearing aid fittings, follow up care and free loan of hearing aids. At the end of two weeks, participants will return their study aids or have the option to purchase them at a deep study discount. It is their choice.

The worlds first Artificial Intelligence (AI) hearing aid was invented by Starkey. The Starkey Livio aid won an innovation award from last years Consumer Electronics Show and was one of “100 best Inventions” according to Times Magazine. So, why all these accolades? With recent advances in computer microchips, Starkey was able to mimic the human ears natural hearing, monitor brain and physical well being, alert loved ones if you fall and wirelessly stream phone calls and movie dialog directly to your hearing aids. I’ve been wearing this new invention and can vouch that it is an amazing experience for people who wear hearing aids.

Gardner Audiology has collected consumer satisfaction surveys from thousands of hearing aid users in the Tampa Bay. We will loan these instruments to anyone who wants to hear better. There is no obligation to buy the aids. We value your opinion. This study is expected to end sometime in the spring of 2020.

Call 1-800-277-1182 to schedule a candidate screening at one of our 9 locations in the Tampa Bay.

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