Free Hearing Aid Trial in Clearwater/St. Pete

At Gardner Audiology, we know the decision to purchase a new set of hearing aids is a big one! We want to make sure our patients like their hearing aids and see benefit before making the investment. So, we partnered with a major hearing aid manufacturer, Starkey, to give patients the opportunity to test hearing aids for two weeks through what is known as our “Field Study”.  

What is involved in the Field Study? 

First, a Doctor in our Pasadena, Carillon, Clearwater, or South Tampa location will screen your hearing and discuss your hearing concerns. Then the Doctor will discuss what style and level of technology will be of the most benefit to you.  

Then you will be asked to complete a short survey, ranking how you are hearing in different environments before trying the hearing aids.  

The next step is to be fit with the hearing aids by a Doctor of Audiology. There is no cost involved. You can then try the hearing aids for two weeks and be seen for a follow-up at the one-week mark, to make adjustments. At two weeks you will complete the survey again and decide whether you would like to keep or return the hearing aids. If you decide to purchase, you will have a 30-day trial period to make sure they are right for you. If you decide to return, you simply hand us the hearing aids.  

Come see us!  

We are here to help you find something that works. It is always best to try before you buy!  

Please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 for a no-charge consultation with a Doctor of Audiology.  

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