For Hearing Aids in Tampa, Florida, See A Gardner Hearing Doctor, Not A Salesman

The average person waits 7 years after noticing difficulty hearing before taking action. Why? Cost can play a factor.  As can denial.  Another contributing factor is hearing from friends how poor their experience was when getting hearing aids!  The technology in hearing aids has changed rapidly.  No longer are most hearing aids the large, bulky things behind yours ears that whistle all the time.  Many no longer have batteries to change, and can even work with your smart phone.  Despite all these advances, if you are not confident in your provider, your experience may not be what you had hoped for. 

Hearing aids are tools that allow you to hear better.  The person you see is more important than the brand you buy. The person that diagnoses your hearing loss and fits those hearing aids to your specific ear and hearing is what makes that tool work for you!  Gardner Hearing Doctors, in Tampa are dedicated to improving your hearing, not just selling you a piece of technology.  Accepting most major insurance plans, Gardner Audiology strives to provide well-rounded service to patients.  Already have hearing aids?  The Doctors can also work with your existing hearing aids to ensure they are performing for you the way they should! 

To schedule an appointment with Gardner Audiology in Tampa, FL, contact 800-277-1182 or visit 

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