Follow up: Inverness Hearing Aid Patient Tries Again.

W.A. had been seen in our Inverness as part of Field Study. He was initially fit with a Starkey Ignite 20 RIC hearing aid in September and though his wife saw significant improvement in his hearing and communications with her, he ultimately returned the hearing aid in October stating he did not feel he needed the hearing aid.

Fast forward three months and I received a call from W.A’s wife stating he was willing to try again. When questioning her, she stated that they had seen several physicians in the previous months and all of them stated he should try a hearing aid citing not only improved communication with family and friends but also stating it would aid his memory.

W.A was once again fit with the Ignite 20 RIC. One week post fit both W.A and his wife are indicating that he his hearing and understanding better. He had a much more positive attitude towards the hearing aid this time and I anticipate he will do well. His wife did say she was going to buy him the hearing aid “no matter what” this time.

I’ll keep you posted…..

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