Florida Vocational Rehabilitation Helps Hearing Impaired Earn a Living

C.M is a long time patient of Gardner Audiology in Crystal River. She has been working at a retail store in Homosassa, FL and it is noted she is not hearing the customers well. She has been wearing an old analog hearing aid on her right ear; her left ear is un-aidable due to medical issues. She needs a new hearing aid but cannot afford one. She came in with her mother through Vocational Rehabilitation because new C.M. loves working with the public (and clothes) and is hoping to begin working in another retail location soon; but needs to be able to hear better.

Florida Vocational Rehabilitation is a truly wonderful benefit for Florida residents. Their goal is to help residents overcome handicaps in order to maintain employment or to assist them with finding a new job through education and counsel.

A new model of hearing aid, the Starkey X110 Power Plus, was approved by Vocational Rehabilitation and fit on CM. She immediately noted she was hearing better. At a two week follow-up, both she and her mother were noticing significant improvements in hearing, especially in noisy situations (work and restaurants). She requested no changes. Her final follow-up went just as well. C.M states now that she is hearing better, and should be placed in another retail location soon. She is extremely happy with her new hearing aid thanks to Vocational Rehabilitation.

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