Florida Authorized SoundGear Hearing Protection retailer in Tampa, Florida

Avid hunters and shooters know that quality hearing protection devices are important.  Even more important is the ability to still hear what is going on around you, while still protecting your ears from the damage firing a gun can cause. 

Many times, Audiologists hear, “I used to shoot without hearing protection but that was a long time ago” or “It’s only one or twice a year.”  One shot from a gun without hearing protection can cause permanent damage that can last a lifetime.  Hearing protection can help prevent noise induced hearing loss and is important to wear any time you are around loud noise. 

SoundGear is a brand of active custom hearing protection.  These devices work by letting in sound until it reaches a certain decibel level, at which point they reduce or attenuate the loud sound (such as a gunshot).  These devices are particularly great for hunters, as they still allow you to hear sounds in your environment, like game in the woods, but protect your ears without having to put your muffs on before shooting.  They even provide some amplification to allow you to hear wings flapping or rustling in the woods better than just your ears alone! 

Gardner Audiology in Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida is an authorized retailer for SoundGear hearing protection devices.  We have fit them on hunters, shooters, and law enforcement officials, to name a few!  To learn more about hearing protection, contact Gardner Audiology at 813-265-2255 or info@gardneraudiology.com 

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