He feels like he won bingo jackpot after wife is fit with Gardner Audiology hearing aids in Zephyrhills, Florida.

WC came to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology to inquire about trying hearing aids. She reported difficulty understanding conversation, inability to understand television at a volume comfortable to her husband, and frustration in social situations. Her husband was VERY ready for her to try hearing aids!

Because WC enjoys Bingo and other group situations, she opted to trial Starkey X110 receiver in the canal hearing aids. These hearing aids have more aggressive noise management to adapt to the more challenging listening environments. One week after being fitted the C’s returned to the office very happy with her improved hearing. Mr. C stated the TV volume was finally comfortable! She was also doing very well at bingo and in restaurants. We made a couple of adjustments and two weeks later they asked to pay for the hearing aids.

Hearing loss is a family affair and family members become frustrated long before the person with the hearing loss does. WC told me she should have done this three years ago (with her husband nodding in the background!) She just was not ready at that time. Mr. C said her hearing is improved 100%!!

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