Everything to Know About Bluetooth Hearings Aids

Hearing aids can be expensive, so you want to be sure you are getting all you can out of them! For many people, that includes being able to comfortably hear and understand when watching TV or talking on the phone. Most models of today’s hearing aids come standard with Bluetooth connectivity, offering remote control through a smartphone app at the very least. Some models can connect to devices other than just smartphones, including smart TVs or laptops!  

By connecting your hearing aids to your smartphone, you can have remote control of the hearing aids; this includes anything from volume adjustments to tweaking the sound quality. Certain manufacturers give users more control through the app than others do, but overall, the controls offered are very similar. As technology begins to advance, more and more manufacturers are including remote adjustments with hearing healthcare providers within the apps! 

All models of iPhone and many models of Android (that operate with Android 10 or later) also offer the ability to stream audio from the smartphone to the hearing aids! This includes phone calls, music, videos, etc. When streaming audio directly to the hearing aids, the sound quality is often improved, allowing for greater appreciation of music, or better understanding of phone calls. You can even set the ringtone to play in the hearing aids, so you will never miss a call! 

Some hearing aids can even connect to devices like smart TVs or laptops! Being able to listen to the TV, at a comfortable volume for everyone watching, and still understand the clarity on a show or movie increases the experience as a viewer. Laptop connectivity can be very helpful, too, especially in the new normal of COVID days – with remote meetings, appointments, classes, etc. Streaming audio to the hearing aids can ensure that you don’t miss a word! 

All of the major hearing aid manufacturers offer hearing aid models that are Bluetooth compatible. Gardner Audiology, which has 8 locations throughout the Tampa Bay area, is able to work with products from all of the major manufacturers. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182, or visit gardneraudiology.com to schedule an appointment.  

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