Economical hearing aids are all she needed from Gardner Audiology in Crystal River, Florida

SB came into the Gardner Audiology Crystal River office after internet research about hearing aids. She was not ready to pursue hearing aids 6 months ago when her doctor recommended them. She told me that she was now ready to make a commitment for better hearing.

Finances were a major concern for her because of recent economic setbacks in her life. I reviewed our options for her and she decided that the economical Starkey Aries behind the ear hearing aids were within her budget. She also indicated that she had a quiet life-style which is very appropriate to this level of hearing aid technology.

I fitted her with these Starkey aids and at her one week follow-up she indicated she was “very, very happy”. She wanted to continue her trial one more week but felt she would buy these aids. She was glad we were allowed her to try a less expensive hearing aids. She leaves Florida and heads up north for five months every year and wanted to know what she would need to do if she encountered any problems. We were able to provide her with a list of providers in or near that zip code. Starkey is one of the top 6 manufacturers of hearing aids in the world. They are an American company so finding her support in a northern state was easy. SB states she is “very, very happy” she decided to try hearing aids with us.

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