Earn Free Starkey Genesis Hearing Aid Fitting by Answering These 5 Questions

We have seen quotes for hearing aids from Tampa Bay hearing aid stores as high as $9,500 per pair! And they often want you to pay upfront before you try them. There is a better way to try the new Starkey Genesis hearing aids with no obligation to pay anything. Manufacturers value your opinion. They partner with Gardner Audiology for ongoing field study programs at our 10 locations in Tampa Bay. If you have hearing loss, in exchange for your opinion, you can try the latest technology, Starkey Genesis AI receiver in the ear (RIC) hearing aids at no cost. The program includes free candidate screening, review of new technology options, assessment for hearing aids, and the loan of the newest hearing aid technology that is prescription fitted by a doctor of audiology, not a commissioned hearing aid salesman. 

After wearing the hearing aids out in the places you are struggling to hear, you will answer these 5 brief questions: 

  • Do you have a smart phone, how do you use it? 
  • Did you connect the trial hearing aids to your phone, and if so, did you use your phone to adjust the hearing aids?  
  • What percentage of hearing improvement did you see in group situations 
  • Was TV volume comfortable for others and could you understand program dialog. 
  • Overall hearing improvement from zero to 100%?  

We collect this information anonymously and present it to the manufacturer. This gives them real life feedback that helps them move forward with improvements in future technology. 

After answering these questions then simply return the loaner aids or you can buy them at a deep discount. It’s your choice and there is no pressure to buy anything. 

The best field study value we have now is the Starkey Genesis AI 24 RIC hearing aids at $3,800 for the pair. These are top of the line hearing aids with very aggressive noise management to help in noisy places, fall detection sensors, and a 4-year manufacturer warranty. We also have lower levels of technology/lower cost options available, as well.  

If you are curious about the newest hearing aid technology, call Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182. Request a free candidate screening for the 2024 field study at one of our 10 locations in Tampa Bay.  Visit www.gardneradiology.com or mail info@GardnerAudiology.com 

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