Dr. Angela Schenk, Gardner Audiologist, Crystal River, Inverness, is Citrus County Florida provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield hearing aid coverage for Federal Employee Plan

Blue Cross Blue Shield covers hearing aids for retirees in Citrus County, Florida through a variety of programs. Those participating in the Federal Employee Program (FEP) have a $2500 total benefit every 3 calendar years (Jan 1 – Dec. 31). Audiologist Dr. Angela Schenk has many FEP hearing aid patients in Citrus County

If you suspect you have hearing loss Dr. Schenk can help to verify it and offer solutions.

Navigating your Blue Cross Blue Shield policy to determine your hearing aid benefits and what procedures to follow can be challenging. Dr. Schenk will confirm benefits prior to hearing aid fitting in order to spare patients the aggravation of finding out that hearing aids are not covered or covered to a more limited degree than expected. Surprises as such are not pleasant. Her staff can provide this information over the phone and before your appointment. She understands your time is valuable.

Things to consider:

Some plans may require a medical clearance by a doctor prior to fitting. This is to rule out any medically treatable cause for the hearing loss. In many cases conductive hearing losses can be corrected through medication or surgery. In addition some conditions suggest against fitting until they are medically addressed, such as a chronic draining ear.

Dr. Schenk’s Gardner Audiology staff will be happy to assist you to determine and verify your hearing aid benefits.

Call Gardner Audiology 1 800 277 1182.

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