See A Doctor, Not A Salesman, To Buy Phonak Hearing Aids in Palm Harbor, FL

Phonak is one of the six major hearing aid manufacturers. Their products have consistently satisfied the needs of patients when it comes to treating hearing loss. They were even one of the first manufacturers to create a hearing aid that offered Bluetooth connectivity to any smartphone, including Android phones! Their newest hearing aid – the Phonak Marvel – has been a popular choice among Android users for just this reason. Using an app on a smartphone, patients have been able to make small adjustments to their hearing aids on their own. This includes volume control, program changes, an equalizer, and even remote support.  

Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, FL can give you information from any manufacturer as we are not limited on who we can work with!  Our expertise with various manufacturers means you will have choices, and can make your own decision based on your lifestyle!  

We believe in providing recommendations from a Doctor of Audiology, not a salesman.  We stay current on all the latest hearing aids and technology. We are also able to provide full diagnostic testing to ensure your hearing needs are being met and rule out any concerns you may have.  

Please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email for more information. 

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