Dizzy and Balance problems: Videonystagmography Testing (VNG) provided at Gardner Audiology in Tampa, Crystal River, and Spring Hill Locations.

Our balance system is complex and phyically joined to the hearing organ (cochlea) Our bodies utilize our vision, where we perceive ourselves within the environment, and our inner ear to maintain our balance. Unfortunately, as we age, more than one in three people over the age of 65 experience falls each year and dizziness may have been the potential cause. Dizziness can be caused by multiple factors such as medications, blood pressure, medical condition, or problems with our ears.

At Gardner Audiology, our doctors have received specialized training in vestibular and balance testing. Our vestibular system is location within our inner ear and is one of the systems that contribute to our overall balance. To assess how your inner ear is contributing to your overall balance, a doctor of audiology will perform a series of tests. These tests will require you to wear video recording googles to track your eye movements while tracking a light on a light bar. Eye movement is analyzed due to its direct relationship with the balance system. If you become dizzy during the test, it is normal, and will subside. After testing has been completed, the doctor of audiology will analyze and interpret the test results. Afterwards, the report will be sent to you referring physician who will review any recommendations or treatment options.

If you are suffering from dizziness/vertigo, the first step to determining if you are candidate for VNG testing is a consultation with your primary care physician and/or ear, nose, and throat physician (ENT). Based on your symptoms and/or complaints, they may refer you for balance testing aka videonystagmography testing (VNG).

For more information, contact our Tampa (1-813-265-2255), Spring Hill (352-556-5257) or Crystal River (352-795-5700) offices for more information. You can also e-mail us at info@gardneraudiology.com

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