Differences in Hearing Aid Technology

I am often asked why there is such a range in prices in hearing aids and what are differences between the hearing aids. All hearing aid manufacturers created different levels of technology, from a basic lower cost hearing aid to the top of the line, most expensive hearing aid. The primary differences between the levels relate to adjustability and hearing in noisy settings. Basic hearing aids have fewer bands and channels than more expensive ones.  Think of a graphic equalizer. Hearing aids are adjusted for the frequencies in your hearing loss. The more handles we have, the finer the adjustments we can make specifically to your hearing loss.  

Noise management in hearing aids helps us pick voices out in background noise.  Most manufacturers have 3 levels of technology with noise management. One with a little bit of noise management, one with a moderate amount, and one with the most aggressive noise management. If you are someone who goes out to restaurants or the club house, you would appreciate having some noise management. 

Sometimes the warranty differs amongst the different levels of hearing aids.  Most of our hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.  Some of our top of the line come with 4-year.  

Finally, we sometimes are able to offer previous generations of hearing aid technology at lower, budget friendly pricing. Our goal is to find a hearing aid that matches your life style and budget. Remember that brand of hearing aid is not as important as the person who is programming your hearing aid! 

Reach out to the Gardner Audiology Doctors for more information about the different technologies from major brand hearing aid manufacturers. Mail info@gardneraudioplogy.com 

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