How to determine United Healthcare hearing aid benefits in Tampa Bay, Florida

United Healthcare (UHC) insurance company offers many different insurance plans. Not all plans have hearing aid benefits. Some plans do not have a true benefit, but offer a discounted price on a mail order hearing aid. Gardner Audiology audiologists are United Healthcare Providers and our staff can help you determine your possible benefits for hearing aids. We are well versed in verification of benefits.

Some plans offer a well-funded benefit that will fully cover a pair of top-level hearing aids. There are plans that have a set dollar amount, such as $500, that can be used toward the purchase of hearing aids. Some benefits are subject to deductibles and copayments while others are not. Some plans require you to be medically cleared by a physician before being fitted with hearing aids, others do not.

UHC Medicare replacement plans offer very basic, mail order hearing aids, through hi Health Innovations. This goes against Florida regulations prohibiting mail order hearing aids. Hearing aids that are not properly adjusted can cause further problems, including additional hearing loss. All hearing aids (including the UHC/hi Health hearing aids) should be properly fitted, in person, by a licensed Florida hearing aid professional. For most, education and counseling are an important part of successful adaptation to new hearing aids. While hi Health Innovations does have the personnel available to personally fit their hearing aids, they do not typically offer this as an option.

Insurance can be intimidating to try to navigate. Call Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 and let us help you determine if you have hearing aid benefits.

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