Daughter Follows Minister’s Path to Better Hearing with Gardner Audiology in Zephyrhills.

SC has been coming to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology since 2008. He is a retired minister and is still very involved is his church. Since he has been wearing hearing aids, he has been able to communicate much more effectively. In 2012 he came in wanting to upgrade to new technology and was fitted with new hearing aids.

In 2013 I received a phone call from SC that his daughter was coming to visit from out of state. He had been on a road trip with her recently, and pointed out to her that she missed a lot of conversation during the trip. He wanted her to come see me while she was visiting. He brought her in, I tested her hearing, and I fit hearing aids on her the same visit. She returned for a follow up a few days later, thrilled to be hearing better. Her parents gifted her with the new hearing aids and she returned home.

Typically we recommend being fitted with new hearing aids near where you are living so that you have someone to follow up with for adjustments. Because her parents were gifting her with the hearing aids and her father felt comfortable with me, we made an exception. We were able to find someone for her to see up north and her father was in today, commenting on how happy they all were!

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