Custom in ear Phonak Virto Marvel Hearing Aid Review

Phone connectivity has become a hot topic in the hearing aid industry.  What does phone connectivity mean?  If you have a smart phone, and your hearing aid is phone compatible, it offers you the ability to adjust your hearing aids conveniently from an app on your phone, rather than having to use the small buttons on your hearing aid.  It also means many times you are able to hear your phone calls or music straight through your hearing aids, improving the sound quality and ease of listening! 

Traditionally this technology was only available in behind the ear/receiver in the canal hearing aids, where a small hearing aid sits behind your ear with a thin wire that runs into your ear.  Phonak, however, released the Phonak Virto Marvel, a custom in-the-ear hearing aid that also includes made for phone technology!  So, what are the benefits to this hearing aid? 

  • Made for phone technology with phone and media streaming 
  • Direct to both iPhone AND Android 
  • Rich, clear sound quality Phonak is known for 

Having fit several of these devices, the main limitation of the Phonak Virto Marvel tends to be the size.  Currently they tend to be larger than patients are anticipating, but given the benefit of made for phone technology and not interfering with masks or glasses, most patients have adjusted to the size.  

If you would like more information on the Virto Marvel, contact Gardner Audiology in Tampa Bay at 800-277-1182 or 

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