Custom Earmolds Improve Behind the Ear Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay.

There are a few different pieces that can go on the end of a hearing aid. One common piece is called a custom earmold. These are not recommended for everyone, but they are very helpful to those who need them! 

Earmolds are used for a couple of different purposes. For one, they help keep the hearing aid in your ear better. Everyone’s ears have a slightly different shape, and some people just need a bit of a snug fit to keep the hearing aids from coming out. Not only this, but they can be easier for people to get in their ears, since they are custom made! 

Another reason some people use earmolds is for volume. You’ve probably heard someone’s hearing aids squeal… With earmolds, we can give you the volume and power you need, while preventing the hearing aids from squealing. This is really the best way to get you what you need to hear, while avoiding what you don’t want to hear! 

Earmold come in different shapes and colors, too! Depending on your needs, an earmold may be large or small, and can be very discreet. They are available in several color options, swirls, and you can even add glitter! If you don’t want to show off your earmold, you don’t have to. They also come in clear and blend right in! 

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