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Crystal River Humana Medicare In Network Hearing Aid Provider

Did you know that the Humana Medicare Advantage plan offers discounted pricing for hearing aids? They work with Hear USA to provide discounts and service plans for a variety of hearing aids on the market. That means a great selection of the technology you need at a more affordable price.

Here at Gardner Audiology, we are in network with all of the Medicare Advantage plans. Our insurance team can help determine your hearing aid coverage. In addition, Humana Medicare Advantage offers a full year of covered services, including cleanings and adjustments. Many hearing aids currently on the market are rechargeable, however, if you’d prefer batteries, this plan also provides you with a two-year supply of batteries!

Looking to change your coverage? It is currently Medicare “Open Enrollment” through December 15, 2020. Gardner Audiology is in network for all of the Medicare advantage plans. If you need further help navigating these advantage plans for hearing aid benefits, call the Gardner Audiology insurance team at 1-800-277-1182 or email us:

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Caity Rogers, B.A. Doctoral Extern

Caity Rogers, B.A. Doctoral Extern

Caity Rogers, B.A. Doctoral Extern

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