Crystal River hearing aid patient likes made for iPhone hearing aid from Gardner Audiology

MK came to the Crystal River office of Gardner Audiology to inquire about a new hearing aid. Her current hearing aid was not working and she was eligible for benefits toward a new hearing aid through her insurance company. She has no hearing in her right ear, and relies on her hearing aid for her left ear.

MK is an iPhone user and asked about the new Halo made for iPhone hearing aid from Starkey. I fitted her with the Halo i110 receiver in the canal hearing aid and reviewed the TruLink app for her phone. Her initial reaction in the office was the Halo was much sharper and crisper and she was hearing more clearly.

One week post-fit, MK returned with a couple of questions about the TruLink app. She wanted no adjustments to the hearing aid. She was thrilled with how much better she was understanding, how much more comfortable the aid was, and how easy to use the TruLink app for the iPhone was. Two thumbs up!!

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